Running Flocker in Containers

This page describes one of our experimental projects, developed to less rigorous quality and testing standards than the mainline Flocker distribution. It is not built with production-readiness in mind.

For some environments, such as CoreOS, and ECS you must install Flocker inside a container.

You can find the relevant Docker Hub images here:

Before you install Flocker in containers, you must have generated the cluster certificate and key, any node certificates and keys, and API certificates and keys for the Docker plugin.

In the example commands below, certificates are assumed to live in /etc/flocker on each node.

For more information on generating certificates for your specific choice of integration, please see:

Before you begin, you will need to make sure port 4523 is available for the control API, and port 4524 is available for agent nodes.

Use the following steps to install Flocker using Docker containers:

  1. Run the Control Service:

    • Run the following command on one of the hosts to create a volume for the control service configuration state to live in so it remains past the container lifecycle:

      docker run --name=flocker-control-volume -v /var/lib/flocker clusterhq/flocker-control-service true
    • Run the following command on the same host to start the control-service:

      docker run --restart=always -d --net=host -v /etc/flocker:/etc/flocker --volumes-from=flocker-control-volume --name=flocker-control-service clusterhq/flocker-control-service
  2. Run the following commands to enable the agent service:

    docker run --restart=always -d --net=host --privileged -v /flocker:/flocker -v /:/host -v /etc/flocker:/etc/flocker -v /dev:/dev --name=flocker-dataset-agent clusterhq/flocker-dataset-agent
  3. Run the following command where you want to be able to run the Docker --volume-driver=flocker command, this will start Flocker’s Docker plugin:

    docker run --restart=always -d --net=host -v /etc/flocker:/etc/flocker -v /run/docker:/run/docker --name=flocker-docker-plugin clusterhq/flocker-dockerplugin:1.15.0


Here is an example of a Flocker node, running all the Flocker services in containers.

# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                        NAMES
2c09fcb11e80        clusterhq/flocker-docker-plugin     "flocker-docker-plugi"   2 seconds ago       Up 1 seconds                                     flocker-docker-plugin
47ee43d887d1        clusterhq/flocker-control-service   "/usr/sbin/flocker-co"   48 minutes ago      Up 48 minutes                                    flocker-control-service
46710d9165f0        clusterhq/flocker-dataset-agent     "/tmp/wrap_dataset_ag"   51 minutes ago      Up 51 minutes                                    flocker-dataset-agent


Run the following to get the logs of the Flocker services:

docker logs flocker-control-service
docker logs flocker-dataset-agent
docker logs flocker-docker-plugin


This should help those interested in running Flocker in environments where it is only suitable for containers to run services.

Again, this is experimental so you may run into issues. If you do, get in touch on our Freenode IRC #clusterhq or the Flocker Google group.