Supported Configurations

Supported Cluster Managers

Kubernetes logo Kubernetes Learn more
mesos logo Mesos Learn more
  You can install Flocker without a specific Cluster Manager Learn more

Supported Infrastructure & Storage

The sections below list the supported infrastructure and storage options.

  • Community Supported: provided by and supported by our community partners.
  • Experimental: developed to less rigorous quality and testing standards.
  • Coming Soon: we're working on it!

IaaS Block Storage

These are the best options for running Flocker on a supported public or private cloud.

Amazon AWS Logo AWS EBS Learn more
Openstack logo OpenStack Cinder Learn more
GCE logo GCE PD Learn more
VMWare logo VMware vSphere Learn more

Software Defined Storage

These software defined storage options can be run on any infrastructure, including bare metal.

Ceph Logo Ceph Learn more
EMC Logo ScaleIO Learn more
Hedvig Logo Hedvig Learn more
NexentaEdge logo NexentaEdge Learn more
convergeio logo ConvergeIO Learn more
open-vstorage logo Open vStorage Learn more
CoprHD logo CoprHD Learn more

Hardware Storage Devices

These hardware storage options require specific physical hardware in your data center.

Dell Logo Dell SC Series Learn more
EMC Logo EMC XtremIO, VMAX Learn more
Netapp logo NetApp OnTap Learn more
Saratoga logo Saratoga Speed Learn more
Huawei logo Huawei Learn more
Pure Storage logo Pure Storage Learn more
Kaminario logo Kaminario Learn more


If you wish to use a storage device that is not supported by Flocker or an existing plugin, you can implement this support yourself. For more information, see Contributing a New Flocker Storage Backend.

Supported Operating Systems

Ubuntu Logo Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 Learn more
CentOS Logo CentOS 7 Learn more
RHEL 7 logo RHEL 7 Learn more
CoreOS Logo CoreOS Learn more

Running Flocker in Containers

It is possible to run Flocker in a container as an experimental configuration, click here to learn more.