About the Docker Integration

Flocker integrates with the Docker Engine, Docker Swarm and/or Docker Compose via the Flocker plugin for Docker.

The Flocker plugin for Docker is a Docker volumes plugin.

It allows you to control Flocker directly from the Docker CLI or a Docker Compose file.

It also works in multi-host environments where you’re using Docker Swarm.


Docker Volume

When a Docker volume is created with the flocker volume driver, either explicitly with docker volume create or implicitly by docker-compose up, a Docker volume will get created on one or more Docker hosts.

You should think of these Docker volumes as references to Flocker volumes, which get created on-demand in Flocker. That means that if you delete the Docker volume from one or more Docker hosts, the Flocker volume persists. This is because Flocker volumes are persistent and live beyond the lifecycle of a Docker container, host or even Swarm.

To delete a Flocker volume, use flockerctl.

Flocker Volumes

Flocker volumes represent actual underlying storage, typically allocated from IaaS block device provider, such as EBS. They have names, sizes, profiles and metadata.