Supported Backends

The following backends are supported by Flocker. These have either been provided by ClusterHQ, or are supported by our community partners.

Each backend page listed below provides configuration details for setting up your backend. Please note that when you have completed the configuration of your chosen backend, you may need to return to the configuration steps in order to start using Flocker. For more information, see Next Step.

Community supported drivers

Flocker supports pluggable storage backends. Any storage system that is able to present itself as a network-based block device can serve as the underlying storage for a Docker data volume managed by Flocker. If the storage backend you are looking for is not currently supported by Flocker, you can consider contributing it.

Next Step

If you have configured a backend as part of the Flocker configuration process, you will now need to return to complete the configuration steps before you can use Flocker.

The links below will return you to the final step of your configuration process: