Manually Installing Flocker with Docker Swarm

  1. Install Flocker. Follow these steps to install Flocker.
  2. Configure Flocker. Follow these steps to configure authentication and your chosen backend. You will also enable the control service, the agent services, and the plugin.
  3. Install Docker Swarm.
  4. Follow a tutorial to see how to control Flocker via Docker Swarm.

1. Installing Flocker

To get the full Flocker functionality, the following installation steps will take you through installing the Flocker client and the Flocker node services.


If you’re interested in developing Flocker (as opposed to simply using it), see Contributing to Flocker.

3. Installing Docker Swarm

Follow the Docker Swarm installation guide on each of your nodes.

4. Tutorial

Follow a tutorial to kick the tires on your Flocker cluster with Docker Swarm!

Try a Tutorial